[Koha] Problems in installing and configuring koha

eckoha library eckoha.library at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 12:11:25 NZST 2007

Hi Stephen

We have just registered for the mail.  We have already installed koha on one
machine (stand alone successfully),but we are experieincing some problems in
doing the same on another (also stand alone)

The problem is after installing all the components, which are: apache
server, my sql, perl and the koha, we are receiving an error message,
stating that the apache server executable file cannot be found: although
they have been successfully installed. (Using all the recommended folders
for the programs e.g. apache to c:\program files\apache group, mysql to
c:\mysql, perl to c:\usr)

We have tried reinstalling the programs, yet the same problem exists.

Also, we have attempted to import 24 records from an MSExcel file, but we
are only seeing 6 of these.  In the six that we have seen, there are no
subject headings, no added entries and the second half of the call number is

 Please advise, on what the best course of action can be.

f/ Elijah Centre Library OPAC
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