[Koha] a librarian's question

Silvia Soto-Bussard silvia.sotobussard at paradise.net.nz
Wed Apr 11 21:23:18 NZST 2007

We recently joined the mailing list and read numerous emails with very 
technical questions, of which 10% I can understand.
My questions:
1. - Being in Acquisitions, wanting to delete a whole record, lets say 
that title is being withdrawn, how do I do it?
Can I use that "barcode" number again, (in our case it is up to 
WNTS3986) or will it automatically continue the sequence when I enter 
the details of another book?
2.- How do you differentiate between a 2nd copy and a 2nd volume, and 
By now you have guessed we do not use MARC records, and we are not 
online, it is a small special library of about 7000 vol.
Silvia Soto-Bussard
Theosophical Society of New Zealand, Wellington Branch.

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