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Amzari Abu Bakar amzari79 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 11 15:36:48 NZST 2007

hi Monica,

Just response to your post.

Monica wrote:

The issue I have is how to make it accessible to the
entire department based around the state. We have a main server in our
headquarters building, and due to the politics of the situation I need to
put in a request to the IT department which is contracted to Northrup Gruman
(an outside firm). I need to understand if it is enough that it is installed
already on my computer so that it could act as the server/host and just have
the file sharing (?) available, or do they need to install it on the main
server, if so what does that involve, so I know what to ask for?

The ideal solution is to install Koha on a server preferably Linux. It is possible to setup your computer to act as server and accessible around the state. But in the actual environment, a lot of factor should be consider such as connection bandwith, security, stability and server load as it will give heavy impact on your system. I am sure that you don't want your Koha user to be disappointed for slow performance and will blame Koha and Open Source solution at the end. The best way is to work out with your technical/IT department to identify your overall system requirement as it will save a lot of your time and effort in long term. Maybe, this community can help you to advice on the system requirement part based on your organizational needs (e.g: number of user, network setup and etc.)

Hope it can help.

Amzari Abu Bakar
amzari79 at gmail.com
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