[Koha] marc_sbufields_structure.pl - koha 2.0

robin ros linux.robin at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 05:53:44 NZST 2007

hi everyone,

i have an error in my koha 2.0, ( i know there is the koha 2.8 now,
but is very hard to translate to spanish so i keep with that if it
possible), when i try to edit marc subfields, the koha error in the
log is:

[Tue Apr 17 04:34:36 2007] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] Premature
end of script headers: marc_subfields_structure.pl, referer:
[Tue Apr 17 04:43:54 2007] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] can't
opendir ../value_builder: No such file or directory at
line 137., referer:http://zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz:8080/cgi-bin/koha/admin/marc_subfields_structure.pl?tagfield=245

and in the browser give the option to download the
marc_subfields_structure.pl archive,

can anyone helpme please??,

thanks a lot for you help



PD: sorry my english

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