[Koha] Re: Is there an efficient way to manage the MARC frameworks? (User from China)

Pascale Nalon Pascale.Nalon at ensmp.fr
Tue Apr 3 21:03:48 NZST 2007

Le 3 avr. 07 à 09:17, Paul POULAIN a écrit :

> Hero_xbd!.RRR a écrit :
>> Maybe I need to restate the question clearly.
>> We have about 100 catalogers, have can I get the information on  
>> who has added how many books? Further, how can I keep track and  
>> set up a "contribution rank list"?
> Hi,
> in koha 2.2 you can't.

Here in ENSMP, on 2.2 we added a mandatory tag with a linked list of  
authorized values, which contains the name of catalogers.
It's not automatical, but  based on confidence in the cataloger who  
select his own name in the list.
And after it's simple to search on this tag !
Failures can happen, but it's better than nothing.

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