[Koha] Tagging in Koha OPAC

matlassi at ulapland.fi matlassi at ulapland.fi
Fri Oct 7 01:12:46 NZDT 2005

A little feature suggestion to the future version of Koha OPAC:

While ago I read a book called The Power to Name by Hope A. Olson. In the book
Olson proposes an user contributed classification system in library catalogue
as a way to empower people. She critizises the bias found in subject
representation found in library catalogues and makes a skectch of a system
where users (like library customers) are able to make connections between books
and add their own subject headings.

And look what we have today - The Library Thing (www.librarything.com)  - an
online service which enables users to catalogue their own books and add
metadata, like tags, to the books, like in del.icio.us or in flickr. Just
like Olson imagined.

I think that we should add the tagging feature to Koha as soon as possible.
Then Koha could be the first tagging-enabled ILS and the publicity would be
huge - great PR to the project and to the open source movement overall.

There's an open source tagging module Freetag written in PHP
(http://www.freetag.org/) . It could serve as a starting point.

Best regards,

Matti Lassila

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