[Koha] cannot display branchname and patron category description in card layout

Zahid Iqbal zahidiqbal.isb at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 17:17:17 NZST 2023

Hi, In koha 22.11 can someone guide to print branchname and patron category
description on pdf file for patron card creator

   1. print branchname not branchcode
   2. print patron-category-description not categorycode

what are the values i have to type in text box for field1 and field2 in
patron card layout  for printing branchname and patron-category-description?

i am stuck with this problem and cannot find any other solution
Can anyone suggest that i have to change the code or is there any other way
that it can be solved?
I am not an expert in coding, any help will be appreciated.

Best Regards
*Zahid Iqbal*

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