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Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Tue Sep 19 06:47:38 NZST 2023

Hi Tony,

that sounds unusual. Some things to check:

* Did you set the SendAllEmailsTo system preference?

* Do you have multiple addresses in your library patrons? Maybe one
being the library? Maybe check EmaiFieldPrimary

* Do the notices show in the notices tab of the patron?

There are 2 versions each year, so there is no version 20 or 23 - the
last release was 23.05 in May and the next will be 23.11 in November.

Hope this helps,


On 18.09.23 10:48, Toni Afandi wrote:
> Dear all,
> After upgrading to Koha 23 from koha 20, I noticed something strange about
> the suggestion notification email. Now I receive email when a patron
> suggestion is received or declined, but no to the patron who suggests. So
> where should I set the email so they would receive it?
> I noticed that koha made a notification, but it is set to me not to the
> patrons.
> Thank you
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