[Koha] System preferences related to "not for loan" itemstypes

Fairlamb, Christina cjf at wmu.se
Thu Sep 14 18:56:55 NZST 2023

Morning all,

I have a problem related to one of my itemtypes that is probably a system
preference I changed a while ago but I can't find it so wondered if anyone
had any ideas where to look.

I have about 15 itemtypes, 4 of which are marked not for loan, 1 of these
"not for loan" items hides the entire record from the OPAC no matter if
there are other viewable/loanable itemtypes attached to the record or not
(It does NOT have the "Hide in OPAC" option selected). This is not the
behaviour I want. If I untick the "not for loan" option for this itemtype,
all is as normal and the record with all valid items can be seen on the

Does anyone have any idea which systempreference this might be related to,
I've checked out OpacHiddenItems specifically, I've checked out the record
level suppression and i've taken a look through all the OPAC
systempreferences but no luck so far.

Library Assistant
World Maritime University

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