[Koha] The Terrific Every-Other-Thursday Training Video | S3E26 | Holds and the Transport Cost Matrix

Thu Sep 14 04:21:48 NZST 2023

Being on vacation is great for me, but sucks for you.  I didn't get to plug our last video.  So, in case you didn't subscribe to our playlist, and missed it, be sure to check it out.  And stay tuned for tomorrow's release of Season 4, Episode 1!

I get it... you saw the word "Matrix" and thought "Cool! George and Christopher are going to get all decked out in black with shades, and do some killer special effects, and bend reality before our eyes!" Well, we're not dressing up, but I think we'll blow your mind with all the info we throw at you about holds and the Transport Cost Matrix. We'll lay out the basics about how holds work in Koha, and some important settings you need to know about, and how to fine tune the system with the aid of the matrix to maximize the efficiency of the holds system. Sorry...we couldn't get Keanu. I guess you'll just have to settle for the satisfaction of knowing SO much more than your peers that DIDN'T watch this video.


Christopher Brannon
2023 koha-US President

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