[Koha] Error 500 when opening records with attached items

Thomas Klausner domm at plix.at
Wed Sep 6 00:43:17 NZST 2023


On Tue, Sep 05, 2023 at 02:17:59PM +0200, bongiwe at uks.co.za wrote:
> We have just migrated our database to another server with an upgraded
> version of KOHA ( On the new server we encounter problems with
> opening bibliographic records in NORMAL view after performing a search. We
> get the "error 500". This only happens in records with attached items.
> Records with no items attached to them open successfully in this view.

First guess: The items have no homebranch and holdingbranch. Make sure 
that every item has a (correct) value for those columns.


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