[Koha] 22.11.xx vs 23.05.xx opinions

Wagner, Alexander alexander.wagner at desy.de
Wed Nov 8 22:53:26 NZDT 2023


> Catalyst have written blog posts about these releases, which highlight
> some of the key things in each release, which may be helpful:
> 22.11: https://www.catalyst.net.nz/blog/release-of-koha-2211
> 23.05: https://www.catalyst.net.nz/blog/koha-release-2305

Thank you for these pointers. Very helpful :)
> The highlights we were most excited about in 22.11 include the drastic
> appearance changes to the staff interface, the generic OAuth2/OIDC
> single sign on implementation, the electronic resource management
> module, the CMS pages tool, the possibility to change the ownership of a
> public/shared list, and more.

May I ask: it seems that I see some of these in my Koha already (e.g. CMS pages, the green Staff UI, basically all the stuff I compared) even though my Koha strongly believes to be 23.05.04. I installed right from the deb packages tracking `stable main`.

Am I missing something here?

Currently it's a dev box only, but once this goes into production I'd like to make sure that not some update intended to add bug fixes changes the UI e.g.

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