[Koha] Very, very beginner question: Followup

Bruce A. Metcalf library at augustansociety.org
Fri May 20 07:23:58 NZST 2022

On 5/18/22 15:41, Caroline Cyr La Rose wrote:

> As for which servers to add, I wouldn't really know. Maybe university 
> libraries since the texts you seem to catalog seem very specialized.

I select new servers by first looking up items in WorldCat 
<https://www.worldcat.org/> to see who holds it.

I then look up Z39.50 servers in IRSpy <http://irspy.indexdata.com> to 
see if any of the holding libraries have open Z39.50 servers, and add 
them to my list.

Note that IRSpy lists Connection Reliability. Those showing 0% 
reliability are either closed, private, or dead, so don't bother with them.

If anyone else has a useful list of Z39.50 servers, I'd appreciate 
hearing about them.

/ Bruce /
Bruce A. Metcalf
Augustan Library

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