[Koha] OPACnavright in additional contents tool

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Tue May 17 05:55:41 NZST 2022

I encountered a few problems in adding a new item to the right column in
the OPAC. First, I noticed there were no options to edit the HTML, just
plain text. Then when I saved it, the text repeated itself on the OPAC
see https://catalogue.efdss.org/
When I look at the /koha/tools/additional-contents the item is not there at
all.  I can't find it to edit or delete it.  But it still displays on the
This may be complicated by the fact that we use the English United Kingdom
translation (en-GB).
Are there some settings I should look at or is this a bug?
And if it's a bug, how can I delete the problem text?
Elaine Bradtke
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