[Koha] Very, very beginner question: Followup

Bruce A. Metcalf library at augustansociety.org
Sun May 15 04:54:40 NZST 2022

C.S. Hayward wrote:

> Having added a first test item, I thought I would try to add to the catalog the dozen or so books that happened to be on a desk on the library.
> I tried to search by ISBN, and the next two books were at least technically findable on Amazon by ISBN, but did not come up in the Z39.50/SRU search.

I am curious as to which Z39.50 resources you are using. LC does not 
contain all books. Indeed, I find I need to use five primary Z39.50s to 
cover most books I catalog, with another 35 held in reserve for the very 

I would expect to see most books on Amazon represented in LC, but they 
skip many foreign publishers. Oxford is my primary backup.

/ Bruce /
Bruce A. Metcalf
Augustan Library

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