[Koha] Koha Item Type 942$c, 952$y

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Hello everyone,

This is a question that comes up every few years it seems. Did you know 
you can do a search in the mailing list archives to look for information 
before posting?

Here's the latest discussion about this : 

Other ones that I found  by doing a google search and specifying 




Here's a compilation of all the uses for 942$c mentioned in those threads.

1. The value is copied to 952$y when adding a new item to that record. 
(You can change it, but it's the default value).

2. The record-level item type can be used for the circulation rules if 
item-level_itypes allows it (you can choose between using the 
record-level or item-level item type for the circulation rules).

3. The record-level item type is indexed and used in the search as well 
as the facets (can be used to find records that don't have items, like 
records for online resources, ebooks, pdf files, etc.)

4. The record-level item type is used for record-level/"next available" 

5. The record-level item type is used for record-level article requests

As you can see, the record-level item type is used in a lot of cases and 
I don't think it's a good idea to delete it or forego it completely.

Here are some solutions to commonly stated "problems" in the threads 
I've read for this answer.

"I don't want my volunteers to have to go in tab 9 to select an item type"

- You can set a default value in your framework so at least an item type 
will be already selected, you can then do batch changes regularly to 
correct if there are records that should have a different item type

- You can change field 942 to another more commonly used tab (if the 
"problem" is only that the 9 tab is too far down or whatever)

"The record-level item type shows up in circulation, I don't need this 

- You can remove unwanted columns in Administration > Table settings > 

I hope this helps,


On 2022-05-09 06:52, Raymund Delahunty wrote:
> Incredible coincidence as just last week I was asked to explain why the 'Record-level item type' column was suddenly (and very occasionally) appearing in the Koha intranet when an item was returned. I had no idea, but I have found 3,000 items (out of half a million) that had data (pulled from the 942$c) in the biblioitems table, and once I deleted the data in the 942$c the biblioitems.itemtype vanished and the 'Record-level item type' column in the returns screen vanished.
> I still have no idea what the 'Record-level item type' actually is, and it was on my list of things to ask our support company. I'm looking forward to finding out...
> Ray Delahunty
> University of the Arts London
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> Subject: [Koha] Koha Item Type 942$c, 952$y
> Dear All,
> I am migrating my data from oracle database to KOHA.
> I would like to use
> the 942$c to store document types such as handbooks, dictionary etc (I will not create any circulation rules for these values) and 952$y for koha item type used for circulation rules.
> I intend to edit the MARC framework and update the authorized value of 942$c to a new created authorized value such as DTYPE.
> However KOHA links this field to biblioitems.itemtype.
> I wanted to understand how and where is this field used in KOHA functions.
> Will this cause any malfunctioning with respect to lending or any other functions.
> With best regards,
> Naveen Ali
> Inst Representative for
> HEC Digital Library Resources.
> NEDUET, Karachi.
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