[Koha] General question on borrower_debarments

Bruns, Anke Anke.Bruns at gwdg.de
Thu Jan 20 00:47:59 NZDT 2022

Dear Koha list,

we just stumbled upon the borrower_debarments sql table and are wondering how exactly this works and what can be done with it. However, we find no documentation either in the manual or "out there" on the internet.

Do you know of any information on the debarment feature?
I see that there are 4 debarment types (SUSPENSION', 'OVERDUES', 'MANUAL', 'DISCHARGE) which seem to be hardcoded in the db.
MANUAL is of course the type of debarments set manually by library staff in the patron record.

- But how can I find out the functioning of the other types - what exactly triggers debarments with type SUSPENSION', 'OVERDUES' or 'DISCHARGE?

- What other actions are triggered or influenced by such a debarment other than the patron not being allowed to loan?

- Can I configure this, and can I add more debarment types and determine how they function?

Thanks for any enlightening hints, and best regards,

Anke Bruns M.A. (LIS)
Arbeitsgruppe "Anwendungs- und Informationssysteme"
E-Mail: anke.bruns at gwdg.de
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