[Koha] Linking via 830$w

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Sun Jan 16 01:28:24 NZDT 2022

Hi Anke,

if the search is done horizontally using the rcn index we are looking
for records that have a $w entry matching the number.

If we are looking 'upwards' for the set record, we are using the
Control-number index to look for a matching 001.

It would be possible to combine the 2 searches, looking up both:

rcn:xxx OR Control-number:xxx

But I am not sure about influencing the sorting. It might just work, for
some reasons and depending on sequence of cataloguing etc. Maybe you
could give higher weight to the 001 to rank it higher than the $w with
Elasticsearch? We could also probably add some kind of sorting to the
query. But I haven't experimented with any of this :)

Hope this helps,


On 04.01.22 10:45, Bruns, Anke wrote:
> Hi Katrin and Thomas,
> as I also followed this discussion with interest, I would add my 2 ct. as to Koha's behaviour regarding traced and untraced series. Horizontal linking to other parts of a series, traced or untraced, makes perfect sense. Yet I wonder, if it could be modified slightly for traced series. Is it possible to show the series title as first result in the result list, followed by the other titles belonging to the series? I find myself scolling endlessly through result lists trying to find the series title - so it would be quite helpful for me to see it as the first result.
> Would it be very complicated to configure this, and is it at all possible with Koha?
> Thanks in advance and best regards
> Anke

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