[Koha] Issue with "Additional contents (HTML customizations)"

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Sun Jan 2 01:15:20 NZDT 2022

Hi Michael,

I can't replicate this behavior in my dev environment. Could you check
if there are any remaining entries for ABC in your additional_contents

select * from additional_contents;


On 30.12.21 13:25, Michael Kuhn wrote:
> Hi
> We are working on a completely new host with Debian GNU/Linux 11 and
> Koha 21.11.00. I have also tested this on my demo installation with
> Koha 21.11.00 - same problem.
> We found the following issue with menu "Tools > Additional contents
> (HTML customizations)".
> When adding a new entry (e. g. for display location
> "OpacMainUserBlock") we are able to add e. g. text "ABC" and then
> save. The OPAC will show "ABC" as expected". It is also possible to
> delete this entry in the menu.
> But the OPAC will still show the original text "ABC", even after
> emptying the browser cache (Ctrl+F5) or restarting memcached, apache2
> and koha-common.
> But even more, if we add another entry e. g. with text "XYZ" the OPAC
> will now show "ABC" and then "XYZ" on another line. After deleting the
> entry in the menu the OPAC will still show both texts, "ABC" and "XYZ".
> Can anyone please confirm this issue?
> But especially: How can we get rid of the unwanted old texts?
> Best wishes: Michael

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