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Bob Ewart bob-ewart at bobsown.com
Sat Aug 13 11:00:14 NZST 2022

You will need some computer literate people to help.  I cataloged my 
personal collection of about 6000 books with some help from my sisters.  
It's now over 10,000 books.

In the Administration section you will find a link to Z39.50/SRU 
servers.  The most important one is the Library of Congress. These are 
the ones I use.

Target 	Hostname/Port 	Database 	Userid 	Password 	Preselected 	Rank 
Syntax 	Encoding 	Timeout 	Record type 	Attributes 	Actions
	catalogue.nla.gov.au:7090 	voyager 	
	No 	0 	USMARC 	MARC-8 	0 	Bibliographic 	

	lx2.loc.gov:210 	LCDB 	
	Yes 	1 	USMARC 	utf8 	0 	Bibliographic 	

	aleph.library.nyu.edu:9991 	NYU01PUB 	
	USMARC 	utf8 	0 	Bibliographic 	

	library.ox.ac.uk:210 	MAIN*BIBMAST 	
	No 	2 	USMARC 	MARC-8 	0 	Bibliographic 	

If the book has an ISBN, you can search on that and get all the 
necessary data filled in.  Otherwise search on Author and/or Title.  Its 
not difficult, just tedious.

Take a look at the Koha Z39.50 Server Directory 
<https://kohasupport.com/z39-50-server-directory/>  to see if there are 
any that may be useful such as the Abilene Christian University (or 5 
others) which may have listings not found elsewhere.

You may have a few books that aren't  listed anywhere.  Save those to 
last after you've seen what the others have shown and create your own 

Good Luck


On 8/12/22 15:56, kolvir73 wrote:
> There isn't even a card catalog.  Just the checkout cards. There is a binder with a list of all books with an ascension number.
> The library started 30 years ago with boxes of books that were shared before there was a room for it, before the church had a permanent location.  We have had one volunteer librarian the whole time, but she has no formal training . Also quite computer illiterate.
> On Aug 12, 2022, 2:48 PM, at 2:48 PM, "King, Fred"<fred.king at medstar.net>  wrote:
>> How are your data stored now? Catalog cards? Ledger? Spreadsheet? A
>> colleague and I are doing a presentation on CSV to MARC at next month's
>> KohaCon, so if you're using a spreadsheet you're in luck. If you're
>> using paper records, what kind of data are you collecting?
>> (I'm about to sign off for the day, but I'll be back next week.)
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>> I'm in charge of converting our small church library (about 6,000
>> items) from a manual system to a computerized one; volunteered
>> actually.  I've got koha installed and have worked through most of  the
>> implementation checklist.
>> Most documents I can find are about converting from one computerized
>> system to another,  for example the koha wiki section on data
>> migration.  What I could use is some kind of guideline or article on
>> the best way to go digital.  It is a pretty big project and I  have
>> limited time, and would like to be as efficient as possible and avoid
>> duplicate work.
>> Does anyone know of any resources?
>> Besides setting up koha, all that has been done  is to apply some
>> preprinted barcode labels to a small part of the collection.
>> Thank you.
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