[Koha] Very, very beginner question: Sample MARC record

Eric Phetteplace ephetteplace at cca.edu
Sat Apr 30 07:58:54 NZST 2022

If you do not already know how MARC records work, I would not recommend
using the advanced editor, which it sounds like you are doing. Instead, use
the basic editor that labels fields with human-readable language instead of
numeric codes. Generally, it is best to use Z39.50 to copy an initial
record unless you are doing original cataloging, which again is a very hard
thing to do properly unless you have specific knowledge and training. My
guess is your use case is served entirely by copying records from z39.50
and you should not need to write MARC at all, but only edit item (not
bibliographic) record fields.


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On Fri, Apr 29, 2022 at 10:40 AM C.S. Hayward <c.s.hayward at protonmail.com>

> I am trying to make a trial run at cataloging, and it's turned up
> information that I don't know how to populate.
> The book I picked up is "The Bible and Holy Fathers for Orthodox", ISBNdb
> entry at https://isbndb.com/book/9780962253607. Most of the entries in
> the catalogue will be books, with some periodicals and maybe coverage of
> relevant websites.
> I clicked on the "Books..." entry under "New entry"; that gives me a form
> with the following fields as required:
> 000  ? - LEADER
> 040  ? - CATALOGING SOURCE > Transcribing agency
> What should I be doing to fill at least these out? Does "Z39.50/SRU
> search" or "Link authorities automatically" provide a way to populate from
> existing question?
> Thank you for any orientation and advice.
> Thanks,
> Br. C.S. Hayward, author and apologist, and more importantly novice at St.
> Demetrios Orthodox Monastery
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