[Koha] On-site check out report

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Fri Apr 22 02:47:18 NZST 2022

Hi Victoria,

I am not sure if you have received any replies yet, but maybe I can help
to get you a step further.

On-site checkouts are recorded in issues and old_issues with a 1 in the
column onsite_checkout.

I believe you can't use statistics or action_logs for reporting here as
you can't distinguish normal and on-site checkouts there.

Hope this helps,


On 07.04.22 04:40, Ma. Victoria H. Silva-Manuel wrote:
> Hi.
> How to create a separate report for books borrowed for home use and on-site
> check out?
> We want to have different statistics for books taken outside the library
> and books that are used inside the library.
> Hope someone can help us.
> Thanks.

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