[Koha] Install Koha on AlmaLinux 8

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It's certainly possible to install Koha on AlmaLinux, but it will probably be a challenging experience, as the main community supported installation is using Debian packages on Debian/Ubuntu.

In the past, I used to run a customized version of Koha on OpenSUSE using RPM packages. That made code deployments much easier. My spec file wouldn't be directly usable, but I could provide some advice, if you went down that route.

For Perl dependencies, as Tomas says, you'd want to use the cpanfile. (https://metacpan.org/dist/Module-CPANfile/view/lib/cpanfile.pod and https://metacpan.org/pod/cpanm).

Docker could be an option, but I wouldn't suggest it unless you're already familiar with using Docker.

Your main challenges with AlmaLinux would probably be installing the Perl dependencies, configuring Apache, setting up cronjobs, and setting up services (Zebra indexer, Zebra search server, Plack application server). You get all of that for free with the Debian packages, but have to do it manually with other installation methods. 

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The Koha source code contains a cpanfile, which can be used to pull the perl dependencies.

The rest should be an old school dev install.

I think the instructions you were given should work for most of it.

El mié, 13 abr 2022 9:48, Alessandro Tedesco < alessandrotedesco at seminario.milano.it> escribió:

> Hi all,
> I have to install Koha on AlmaLinux 8 and I wonder if anyone has tried 
> to do such a thing, or if anyone can suggest some documentation.
> Thanks and have a good day!
> Alessandro

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