[Koha] linked item subfield to unlinked item subfield (items.more_subfields_xml)

Jonathan Druart jonathan.druart at bugs.koha-community.org
Thu Sep 30 20:45:59 NZDT 2021

Salut Julien,
'Easily' I don't know. But quite easily with a small script.
0. Have 2 frameworks, FwA with your subfield linked to paidfor and FwB
with no DB link
1. loop over the items
2. Retrieve the item and save it using FwB (C4::Items::ModItemFromMarc)

Haven't tried, but it should work. If you write it, I can review it if you want.

Le jeu. 30 sept. 2021 à 09:00, Julien Sicot
<julien.sicot at univ-rennes2.fr> a écrit :
> Hi everyone,
> Do you know if there is a method, a script or a tool to easily migrate a linked (koha db) item subfield to an unlinked item subfield (ie : items.more_subfields_xml).
> We will soon upgrade koha from 18.11 to 20.11and we are trying to find a solution to the removal of items.paidfor subfield. We have used paidfor to store some item values so that can be easily searched using the item search functionality…
> Sadly, in 20.11 we have not determined any other column in the database that are not already in use or linked to another marc subfield…
> Thanks for any help,
> Best,
> Julien Sicot
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