[Koha] linked item subfield to unlinked item subfield (items.more_subfields_xml)

Julien Sicot julien.sicot at univ-rennes2.fr
Thu Sep 30 20:00:46 NZDT 2021

Hi everyone,

Do you know if there is a method, a script or a tool to easily migrate a linked (koha db) item subfield to an unlinked item subfield (ie : items.more_subfields_xml).
We will soon upgrade koha from 18.11 to 20.11and we are trying to find a solution to the removal of items.paidfor subfield. We have used paidfor to store some item values so that can be easily searched using the item search functionality…

Sadly, in 20.11 we have not determined any other column in the database that are not already in use or linked to another marc subfield…

Thanks for any help,

Julien Sicot
Applications documentaires
DSI - Pôle Applications 
Université Rennes 2
02 22 51 44 41

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