[Koha] Purchase suggestions and acquisitions workflows

Patricia Dowling Patricia.Dowling at oireachtas.ie
Thu Sep 23 03:59:10 NZST 2021

Good afternoon to all Koha users.

We in the Irish parliamentary library (or Oireachtas) are looking at purchase suggestions in Koha and our acquisitions workflows. We are using version 20.11

As we understand it this is the way purchase suggestions and associated notices work in Koha

1)  Suggestion received  -- notice text sent will be NEW_SUGGESTION
2)  Suggestion accepted or rejected   - if you change the status to Accepted the notice text sent will be ACCEPTED. If you change the status to Rejected the notice text sent will be REJECTED.
3) Suggestion ordered - if a material is Ordered the ORDERED notice text is sent.
4) Order received - The AVAILABLE notice is sent on the point of receive and this can only be altered by holding off receiving the item until it is ready.
5) Suggestion available - We think this overlaps with the AVAILABLE notice text?

We are considering deleting the Suggestion ORDERED notice so that notices are not sent out when a suggestion has been ordered as it suggest to the user that the item is ready when in reality it may not yet have been catalogued.

Are other libraries are actively using purchase suggestions features in Koha and if so can you share some information on the workflows you have adopted?
Do you have any tips on what works  best based on your experience?

Thanks in advance

Patricia Dowling
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