[Koha] Cannot see Google Login Link

Mihai Rosu mrosu at rschicago.org
Tue Sep 14 00:51:08 NZST 2021

Hi Owen,

I can confirm what you are saying.  I did find the Google Authentication
via the "Log in to your account".

I agree that it would be much less confusing if the Google Login link is
located on the front page somewhere near the regular login. Ideally it
would exist on both sites, thank you!

Mihai Rosu
Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago
4249 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60618-1953
mrosu at rschicago.org

On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 6:40 AM Owen Leonard <oleonard at myacpl.org> wrote:

> > I just wanted to give an update that I upgraded our Koha installation to
> > and the Google Authentication link does not display on the staff nor the
> public login.
> In my test the Google Authentication link doesn't appear on the staff
> interface login screen. I don't know if the feature is supposed to be
> working there or if it's only for the OPAC.
> In the OPAC, the Google Authentication link doesn't appear on the home
> page but clicking the "Log in to your account" link at the top takes
> you to a Google sign-in form. This makes me think that it's working,
> but that we need to add a "Log in with Google" button to the sign-in
> form on the OPAC home page.
>   -- Owen

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