[Koha] New community member introduction and question

david at penkler.net david at penkler.net
Sat Sep 11 03:50:16 NZST 2021

I work as a volunteer in a non-profit association that runs the library 
for culture and religion at the Theological Centre in Meylan near 
Grenoble in France. My main task is cataloguing.

We receive many books through book donations and bequests with the 
result that we have a large number of duplicates (circa 2500 books out 
of some 40000). We are setting up a framework to sell the duplicates for 
a token amount. To this end we have added a item.notforloan value "For 
Sale" which we use to generate a report of books for sale from which we 
create a virtual shelf that can be consulted by the patrons. I am trying 
to figure out how to add a "Price" column with items.price to the 
Holdings tab of the opac details page for folks viewing the "For Sale" 
virtual shelf in the "Normal View". The price is shown in the "Marc 
view". Any advice is gratefully accepted.
-David Penkler

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