[Koha] New comer hello

Angela Davies adavies at chch.planet.org.nz
Sun Nov 14 17:45:22 NZDT 2021

Kia Ora

My name is Angela and I am trying to setup Koha for a local volunteer

We have Windows 10 and while the main part of Koha is good I am having
some problems and would appreciate some help.

I have catalogued some items and entered several patrons to tryout the
systems. One of the biggest problems at the moment is that I can't search
any titles or authors as it says that they are not found?? This is the
main reason for setting the system up so that when asked we can quickly
let a patron know if we have a certain title.

If there is anyone in Christchurch that would be willing to meet up to
help me that would be great.



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