[Koha] Time to translate: string freeze to prepare Koha 19.11.18 has begun

Victor Grousset/tuxayo victor at tuxayo.net
Sat May 15 03:12:23 NZST 2021

Hi, saluton, hola, bonjour,

String freeze is into effect as of now for the 19.11.x maintenance 
branch. The release is scheduled for around the 24th/25th.

**If you missed it the upcoming 21.05 release is translatable now.**

This means it's the right time to head over to the translation platform:

Reminder: if you add or change a translation in version 19.11,
then you must also copy it to 20.05, 20.11 and 21.05. Otherwise your 
work will be lost for future versions. (We've had a recent significant 
case of that!)

Happy translating,

Victor Grousset/tuxayo

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