[Koha] SRU Config

Thomas Klausner domm at plix.at
Sat May 8 01:30:00 NZST 2021


(reposting from IRC, where I got warnocked):

Can somebody help me setting up a Z39.50/SRU server config?

We want to query https://services.dnb.de/sru/authorities, but I don't 
get any results, because it seems Zoom gets a 400 error (which is not 
reported to the UI)

I assume that dnb.de returns a 400 BAD REQUEST, but I cannot figure out 
what request Koha is sending (and I don't want to dust off

What exactly do I have to configure in z3950servers.pl to make 
dnb.de/sru/authorities work?

It currently does not work using:

  Hostname: services.dnb.de
  Port:     443
  Database: /sru/authorities
  Syntax:   MARC21
  Encoding: utf8
  Record Type: Authority
  Additional SRU options: version=1.1,operation=searchRetrieve,recordSchema=MARC21-xml
  SRU Search fields mapping: EMPTY

I also could not find any docs on how to set up Koha to query a SRU 
Server for authorities.

We have a working config using Z3950 to query authorities at bsz-bw.de; 
and a working SRU config to query dnb.de for biblios, but this one uses 
an account and has some "SRU search field mappings".

So my current guess is that the missing "SRU search field mappings" are 
causing the problem.

Any hits would be appreciated!


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