[Koha] Change due date to all loans

Zeno Tajoli ztajoli at gmail.com
Tue May 4 10:45:20 NZST 2021

Hi to all,

I want to check an SQL instrution to change due date of all loan.
The idea is to set all due dato to 04 Nov 2021.


UPDATE issues
   a INNER JOIN items b ON (a.itemnumber = b.itemnumber)
   INNER JOIN borrowers c ON (a.borrowernumber = c.borrowernumber)
SET a.date_due='2021-11-04  23:59:59', b.onloan ='2021-11-04'

In fact it changes only values into issues.date_due and items.onloan

I don't have records inside reserves

Do you think it is enough ?
I don't want to send email to borrowers for late loans.

I take the code from ChangeDueDate.kpz of inLibro

Zeno Tajoli

Ps: I take SQL from
Zeno Tajoli
System Librarian

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