[Koha] linking bibliographic records to authority records

David Lesniaski dalesniaski at stkate.edu
Tue Mar 9 10:51:51 NZDT 2021

Hi everyone,
 Just by way of introduction, I teach in the MLIS program at St. Catherine
Univ., St. Paul, MN, USA.  We use KOHA in our program as a "sandbox" for
students to experiment with in their cataloging, systems, and collection
development courses.

I have one somewhat involved question.
We are running version   17.11.05

If I upload a batch of bibliographic records and a separate batch of
authority records that match the authority controlled fields in the bib
records, how do I link the two data sets without going into each bib
record?  That is, if I upload the marc subject authority record for
"Gourmet cooking" and then upload a bib record with that as a 650, how do I
get the bib 650 to connect to the authority 150 automatically?

I find that if I load the authorities, then upload the bib records, when I
go into/edit each bib record and save it (even if I don’t change any of the
bib data), it will link to the proper authority records.  Is there any way
to connect the records without going into each bib record?

I’ve tried a few different settings but without success.

In system preferences/authorities I now have (my configuration in CAPS)
- AuthorityMergeMode: When updating biblio records from an attached
authority record ("merging"), handle subfields of relevant biblio record
fields in LOOSE mode.
- AutoCreateAuthorities: When editing records, GENERATE authority records
that are missing
- BiblioAddsAuthorities: When editing records, ALLOW them to automatically
create new authority records if needed, …
LinkerModule: Use the DEFAULT linker module for matching headings to
authority records.
LinkerOptions: Set the following options for the authority linker
“BROADER_HEADINGS (separate options with |)

What am I missing?

Any suggestions you might have are very welcome.  I have a huge batch of
bib & related authorities to add, and the thought of having to call up each
bib record to activate the link … well … life isn’t that long!

Many thanks,

-- David

Dr. David Lesniaski
Associate Professor
MLIS Program
St. Catherine University
2004 Randolph Ave. #4125
St. Paul, MN 55105
dalesnaski at stkate.edu
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