[Koha] ILSDI / RESTAPI and itemcallnumber

BOUIS Sonia sonia.bouis at univ-lyon3.fr
Tue Mar 9 00:13:12 NZDT 2021

At my university, we have an issue with our discover tool that isn't able to associate different callnumber to different items through the marc data.
We could activate a feature that allows the discovery tool to do webscraping of the opac page to find the different callnumbers but when we tested it, our Koha was often down because it makes too much queries at the same time.
So, as we use the ILSDI webservices, I wonder if we could add the callnumber in the getavaibilty results ?

I've been hearing from REST API for many years but it's too technical for me..
Does it exist to replace the getavaiblity from ILSDI ? Could we get the callnumber, the branch and the avaibility of all the items of a biblio with a rest API query ?
How can we use it ?
I tried something like https://myopac/cgi-bin/koha/svc/bib/a_biblionumber but I have just a white page with "not found".

Any idea ?


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