[Koha] Can the staff interface and the OPAC be on the same port?

Tomas Cohen Arazi tomascohen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 00:56:00 NZDT 2021

We usually set both on port 443. So yes.

El sáb., 6 mar. 2021 8:31, Chris Brown <chris at stayawake.co.uk> escribió:

> Hello,
> Our Koha service uses port 8000 for the staff interface and port 80 for the
> Recently our local council's network configuration seems to have been
> changed in a way that prevents us accessing port 8000 from computers
> connected to the council's network. (We do not know what they've done, or
> why, but we have so far been unsuccessful in persuading them to put things
> back the way they were). We can still access port 80 on the server though.
> So ... *is there any reason why we can't run both on port 80?* (i.e. set
> both INTRAPORT and OPACPORT to 80)
> We're running Koha 19.11 and Apache 2.4.25
> Thanks and Best Regards to all,
> Chris Brown (Greenhill Community Library, Sheffield, England)
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