[Koha] Can the staff interface and the OPAC be on the same port?

Chris Brown chris at stayawake.co.uk
Sun Mar 7 00:30:39 NZDT 2021


Our Koha service uses port 8000 for the staff interface and port 80 for the

Recently our local council's network configuration seems to have been
changed in a way that prevents us accessing port 8000 from computers
connected to the council's network. (We do not know what they've done, or
why, but we have so far been unsuccessful in persuading them to put things
back the way they were). We can still access port 80 on the server though.

So ... *is there any reason why we can't run both on port 80?* (i.e. set
both INTRAPORT and OPACPORT to 80)

We're running Koha 19.11 and Apache 2.4.25

Thanks and Best Regards to all,

Chris Brown (Greenhill Community Library, Sheffield, England)

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