[Koha] Actions was initiated by Koha itself

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Sun Jul 25 02:47:37 NZST 2021


do you mean that the patron got a hold confirmation, but there was no
hold on the account or is there a hold that wasn't placed by the patron?

I am not aware of any script that would place holds automatically
without some action from staff. There are some automatic options for
cancelling holds and reminding about pick-up. What was written in the
logs specifically?

Could it have been a confusion of accounts?

Hope this helps,


On 15.07.21 13:41, Thu Thủy Dương wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm having issues related to hold function in Koha. One patron in my
> library received notification by email about hold confirmation. But, her
> report with the Library is not place hold, and I checked the log
> circulation of the system, all librarians of the library also do not
> perform this action, whose action is performed by Koha.
> As described of Koha, "*In the action_logs table, timestamp always
> indicates when the log entry was written, and user is either the
> borrowernumber of the staff member taking the action or 0 if the action was
> initiated by Koha itself (e.g. in the case of fines added or updated
> by fines.pl <http://fines.pl/>*).
> Can anyone help me find the cause of this issue, and the cases was
> initiated by Koha itself? (log *borrowernumber is **0, **e.g. in the case
> of fines added or updated by fines *as described by Koha?
> Many thanks!
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