[Koha] Add separator from fields 245a and 245c

Charles Kelley cmkelleymls at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 10:55:25 NZST 2021

Hello, Javi et al!

    In our latest exchange, on 30 June 2021 at 9:01 [JST] I received the
following from you:

We have below XML:
>   <datafield tag="245" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
>     <subfield code="a">Gesti&#xF3;n empresarial. El caso de dieciocho
> cooperativas</subfield>
>     <subfield code="b"></subfield>
>     <subfield code="c">Consultores Asociados (Coord.)</subfield>
>   </datafield>
> Which leads to below string both in admin and OPAC:
> Gestión empresarial. El caso de dieciocho cooperativas Consultores Asociados
> (Coord.)
> Question: how to add a string (let's say " | ") between fiedls 245a and
> 245c?
> Thanks.
> Javier

    My library faced this problem when we migrated from one machine to
another. It turned out that it was original records were missing the
punctuation marks and they had to be instroduced.

    We exported the entire catalog from Koha in MARC format and fixed the
problem -- or at least most of the problem -- with MarcEdit. MarcEdit has a
tool called "Build New Field." It allows one to copy or replace fieldsin a
group with a new version.

    After fixing the records, we imported them back into Koha.

    It worked like a charm for us. Mind you, it wasn't perfect: we had to
be especially watchful of parallel titles in 245 $b since they are preceded
by an equal sign. And we had to make sure every subfield was copied, and
then empty subfields deleted.

    But overall it worked, and worked well; and it save a lot of staff
matter, energy, time, and space.

    Terry Reese presents a few tutorials online about MarcEdit. That may be
your best way if you want to avoid a painstaking top-to-bottom
record-by-record correction in records. I don't know enough about XML to
advise about that.

    Hope that helps.


    気を付けて。 /ki wo tukete/ = Take care.

    -- Charles.

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