[Koha] requesting help with 1) where is public opac once staff is installed; 2) run cron jobs

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Thu Jul 1 08:38:45 NZST 2021

Hi David

 > 2) running cron jobs
 > OK, so according to what I've see in the documentation, cron jobs are
 > supposed to be in /bin or /misc

Actually they're not. At least not if you're using the Debian package 
installation as I assume.

 > Nope.
 > In /etc I did find the directories
 > cron.d
 > cron.daily
 > cron.hourly
 > cron.monthly
 > cron.weekly

What you are probably looking for are the scripts in 
"/etc/cron.d/koha-common", "/etc/cron.daily/koha-common" etc.

There you'll see the scripts for cronjobs are actually in directory 

 > and the file
 > crontab
 > Is this what I'm looking for?
 > I would like to run the job
 > link_bibs_to_authorities.pl

This is not a cronjob. You run this once you have loaded your title data 
and your authority data.

 > where is this and how do I run it?  Again, the documentation is not
 > really helpful in getting started here.  What does the actual command
 > line code look like for this particular job (assuming I can find it
 > somewhere in some directory ...)

You'll find it in directory "/usr/share/koha/bin". More information 
about this can be found here:

* https://perldoc.koha-community.org/misc/link_bibs_to_authorities.html

Hope this helps.

Best wishes: Michael
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