[Koha] Search does not work (Inês M. Ferreira)

Italo Brasileiro italo.barbosa.brasileiro at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 02:59:06 NZDT 2021

Olá, Inês!

It can be a problem in "koha to marc mapping".
Where did the records come from? How are they inserted into Koha? And which
is the record type?
The UNIMARC type is defined for your Koha installation, so the records are
supposed to be also UNIMARC type.
You also can search for more infos about the problem in the logs. Try to
perform another rebuild and check the informations at
/var/log/Koha/instanceName/ .

Desejo-lhe sorte!

Ítalo Barbosa Brasileiro

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