[Koha] Biblio export does not export records when they have no items/holdings

André Hartmann andrehartmann at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 11 05:36:27 NZDT 2021


  I am having some trouble with the KOHA export of bibliographic records. In short it seems to export records only when they actually have. I am using KOHA version Here is what I am doing exactly:

KOHA --> Tools --> Export Data --> Export bibliographic records

  To export, I use a file specifying the biblio numbers. Let’s say it has numbers 95 and 96, where 95 does not have items/holdings but 96 has.
  I do not click „Don’t export items“ but even if I do it does not change anything.
  I do not click „Remove items…“ but even if I do it does not change anything.
  The „Dont export fields“ field remains empty.
  For output format I choose Xml but that does not matter. It is the same what ever I choose

  *   I click the export button.

  Now I get my resulting Xml file which only has item #96. If I add an item/holding for #95, that one will be exported as well.

  How do I get it to work such that biblio records without items/holdings get exported? My aim is to use the resulting file and import it into another KOHA instance oft he same version.

  Thanks in advance

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