[Koha] Help debugging Internal Server Error

Doug Dearden dearden at sarsf.org
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Hey Everyone,

A further update.  I dumped the schema to an xml file for both the new test database and the old database.  I then did a comparison using winmerge and there are multiple differences.  So the catalog is running but I am concerned because the database I am running is not up to the current version.

Any idea why koha-upgrade-schema wouldn't work?  Possibly a permissions issue?  



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Hey Everyone,

Thank you Alvaro and Jonathan for your help, I wanted to report back that I got this fixed and what the problem was in case someone else runs into this.

An error in the plack-opac-error.log appears, and the same warning appears when I did koha-rebuild-zebra with the –v option:

DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'me.exclude_from_local_holds_priority'

I created a new instance, and found that column in the items table on the new instance but not on the old instance.  I added the column with the SQL command:
ALTER TABLE items ADD exclude_from_local_holds_priority tinyint(1)
and that fixed it.

I’m not sure why koha-upgrade-schema didn’t fix this.
I have another instance that we stopped using and combined with an existing one.  I tried doing koha-remove, then koha-restore, the koha-upgrade-schema on that instance and it didn’t work.

I am concerned that there may be other database alterations between version 19.05 and that also didn’t make it into the database.  I found a reference to database changes on the wiki but it ends in the 3.x series.

How do I find out what other database schema changes have been implemented between 19.05 and


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