[Koha] Search does not work

Inês M. Ferreira ines.m.ferreira at live.com.pt
Wed Feb 3 00:05:19 NZDT 2021

Hello again,

We were finally able to check the indexing configuration and you were right that it was set to MARC21 while the rest was UNIMARC. Thank you so much!

I still have a question, however. Is it possible that this problem with the MARC flavours messed up some of the Koha to MARC mappings? For instance, items.cn_source is not mapped to anything.

Meanwhile we upgraded to 20.11 and I've noticed I cannot add local cover images to items (I'm assuming because of the MARC mappings). The shelf browser is also flaky, it works for some items but not all.

Would it be best to uninstall and install again with the correct settings from the start? Or are these symptoms of something else?

Thank you again!

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Hi Inês,

the indexing process looks for the biblionumber of your records in a
specific field and the error points to it not finding it in the field it
expected it. UNIMARC and MARC21 use different fields for this, so one
reason can be a configuration mismatch.

So this is the first thing I would check:

Your Koha installation and your indexing configuration both need to be
set to UNIMARC.

For the installation this is set by the MARC flavor in the web
installer. As you could catalog your records without issues, I expect
that to be set correctly. You can also check the marcflavour system
preference to make sure.

for the index configuration it's set when the instance is created. It
defaults to MARC21, so needs to be changed to UNIMARC explicitly.
Possibly the best way to check this is having a look at your
koha-conf.xml file. If there is a lot MARC21 listed there, it might be
the source of the issue you are seeing.

Another thing to check in Koha: Go to the Koha-to-MARC-Mappins and look
up what field biblio.biblionumber is mapped to.

Hope this helps,


On 27.01.21 17:36, Inês M. Ferreira wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was hoping you could guide us through our issue with search.
> We have installed Koha a few months ago and we cannot get the search to work. Both the OPAC and the staff interface always present the result “No results found”, even though we know we have over 600 records and 1000+ items (e.g. a link to the details page works).
> Version Koha:
> Version SO ('uname -a'):              Linux koha 5.4.0-58-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 9 08:16:25 UTC 2020 x86_64
> We use UNIMARC.
> When attempting to reindex zebra we get the following error:
> zebraidx(135744) [warn] Record didn’t contain match fields in (bib1,Local-number)
> Why doesn’t it work? Where do we start?
> Thank you,
> Inês M. Ferreira
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