[Koha] Locally stored cover images randomly fail to display in full details page

martinbmorris at gmail.com martinbmorris at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 07:00:17 NZDT 2021



I recently upgraded from 21.05 to 21.11 at which point I noticed that some
locally stored cover images would fail to display on the full details page
for a biblio.  The cover does always display under the Picture tab on the
details page.


The images display normally in the listing of multiple results, and images
downloaded using Coce display properly both in results listings and in the
full details page for the biblio.


*	Here is an example of a biblio with a properly displayed local cover
*	.and here is one that will not display the image:
*	Here is a multiple results listing page showing a cover for the
title above whose cover fails to display in the full biblio:


I have checked the logs, which give no clues at all. I have also tested by
removing the custom CSS and JS I have in OpacUserCSS and OpacUserJS and
restarting Apache - this does not help.  Recreating the biblios on the PTFS
sandbox doesn't replicate the issue - so it does seem to be something to do
with my set up. 


Hope this is clear - any help would be gratefully received!





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