[Koha] Koha 20.11 release dates

Jonathan Druart jonathan.druart at bugs.koha-community.org
Mon Oct 12 21:53:04 NZDT 2020

Hello everybody,

Here is the timeline I plan to follow for the 20.11 release:

* Oct 30th - "Soft" feature freeze, nothing big or with high risk of
side-effects will be included into the final release if not marked as
Passed QA
* Nov 3-6 - "Hard" feature freeze, nothing considered as an
improvement will be pushed if not marked as Passed QA
* Nov 11 - String freeze, draft of release notes published
* Nov 18 - Only bugfixes considered as major, critical or blocker will be pushed
* Nov 27th - Final Release

With almost nothing big pushed during the KohaCon week.
We have only 1 week left until the beginning of KohaCon (19th) to push
big things.
Then there is one week left after the KohaCon until soft freeze (Oct
30th). I may be a little reluctant to push significant changes during
this week, it will depend on how the queue is at that time.

Any comments or modification requests?


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