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Hello Tigran,

Yes that must be possible. I am adding Bernardo, he is in charge of
the translation part.
In case you don't receive answer here, there is a more appropriate
mailing list for translation: koha-translate at lists.koha-community.org


PS: I also added a subject to this reply

Le lun. 15 juin 2020 à 07:37, <tigran at flib.sci.am> a écrit :
> Dear List and Developers,
> a little bit strange question, but having practical importance for Armenian users all over the world.
> Armenian language is having 2 independent branches - Eastern Armenian (spoken in the Republic of Armenia), and Western Armenian (spoken in all European countries, Americas and Middle East which have Armenian communities, ca. 7 million users).
> The alphabet for both languages is same, but the grammar is different.
> I'm localizing Koha system into Armenian for Eastern Armenian. And this is anchored under the language code HY.
> Our colleagues from Diaspora, who are using Western Armenian, are asking to localize the system also into Western Armenian.
> In ISO 639-3 standard 2 versions of Armenian language are present - hyw - for Western, and hye - for Eastern.
> My question is - will be it possible instead HY, to have 2 language codes hyw and hye for Armenian case?
> Is this technically possible?
> many thanks,
> Tigran
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