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tigran at flib.sci.am tigran at flib.sci.am
Mon Jun 15 17:37:41 NZST 2020

Dear List and Developers,
a little bit strange question, but having practical importance for Armenian users all over the world.
Armenian language is having 2 independent branches - Eastern Armenian (spoken in the Republic of Armenia), and Western Armenian (spoken in all European countries, Americas and Middle East which have Armenian communities, ca. 7 million users).
The alphabet for both languages is same, but the grammar is different. 
I'm localizing Koha system into Armenian for Eastern Armenian. And this is anchored under the language code HY.
Our colleagues from Diaspora, who are using Western Armenian, are asking to localize the system also into Western Armenian.

In ISO 639-3 standard 2 versions of Armenian language are present - hyw - for Western, and hye - for Eastern.

My question is - will be it possible instead HY, to have 2 language codes hyw and hye for Armenian case?

Is this technically possible?

many thanks,

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