[Koha] Disable library pull down menu on staff login page

John Fawcett john at voipsupport.it
Mon Dec 14 03:13:06 NZDT 2020

On 13/12/2020 14:01, Katrin Fischer wrote:
> Hi John,
> is there a reason you want to deactivate the pull down or just to
> simplify the form?
> Besides using CSS or jQuery turning on the IndependentBranches feature
> might do the trick. This is to not allow staff to switch their library
> on login for multi-branch installations, but might work here. But
> CSS/jQuery is probably less likely to have other side effects.
> You could also file an enhancement request, that the library pull down
> should only be shown when there is more than one library.
> Hope this helps,
> Katrin
Hi Katrin

the idea was just to simplify things for the users in a single library
setup. I suppose it's not just limited to login but also any place there
are library pull down menus with a single value. If it's not already
configurable it's probably a bit invasive for little return. If I get
some time I'll look into it.


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