[Koha] Order of display of 246 $i and $a fields

Hernandez, Heather heather_hernandez at nps.gov
Fri May 24 04:21:31 NZST 2019


My users have noticed something that's bothered me, but I held off
clutching my pearls about it until one of my users complained to me!:)  I'm
wondering if this might be worth my learning to try to file a bug?  The
MARC21 Bibliographic Format for subfield i in the 246 field specifies
putting a colon at the end of the text in that field, intending the data in
that subfield to precede the title data, i.e.:
245 00$aBulletin of atomic scientists.
*246* *1#**$i*At head of title:*$a*Science and public affairs*$f*Jan.
1970-Apr. 1974
*246* *1#**$i*Title on container:*$a*New Brunswick royal gazette
*246* *1#**$i*Alternate issues published with title:*$a*Chicago daily
But Koha displays the $i data *after* the title in the staff client and the
OPAC, e.g. an example from our catalog:
Other title:...Rees on ships [Binder's spine title:].

As an OCLC user, I have to follow MARC21 and OCLC Bibliographic Formats and
Standards, which also has these data examples:
245 0 0 Bulletin of atomic scientists.
246 1   ǂi At head of title: ǂa Science and public affairs ǂf January
1970-April 1974
245 0 0 Quartetti per archi.
246 1   ǂi Colophon title: ǂa Smyccove kvartety
246 1   ǂi Panel title: ǂa Welcome to big Wyoming
245 0 4 The Bluegrass album.
246 1   ǂi Volume 3 has title: ǂa California connection

So I have to input the colon at the end of data entered into the $i, and
then it looks really weird displayed after the $a data in Koha.

Would it be worth my trying to (finally!) learn how to file a bug to have
the 246 fields display the $i in the correct position, e.g.:

Other title: At head of title: Science and public affairs
Other title: Colophon title: Smyccove kvartety | Panel title: Welcome to
big Wyoming
Other title: Binder's spine title: Rees on ships | Known as: Rees's ships

(This is very MARC21 & OCLC-centric, but I am completely unfamiliar with

Thank you!  Cheerio,
Heather Hernandez (she, her, hers)
Technical Services Librarian
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Research Center
2 Marina Blvd., Bldg. E, 3rd floor, San Francisco, CA  94123-1284
415-561-7032, heather_hernandez at nps.gov
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