[Koha] LiveDVD of Six Software Packages in 64 bits OS of Lubuntu 16.04.5

mohan pradhan pradhmohan at gmail.com
Wed May 15 20:23:11 NZST 2019

Dear all,

HealthNet Nepal has configured LIve DVD of six software packages for
library use in 64 bits OS of Lubuntu 16.4.5 version.

This 64 bits contains the following software (
Koha ILS (18.05.08), DSpace (6.3), SubjectsPlus(4.2.2), Vufind(5.0),
WordPress(5.0.4). It has also configuration of Exim mail server.
Through API SubjectsPlus data can be used in WordPress. A plugin is also
developed in WordPress for use of VuFind search engine in WordPress for
searching database of Koha, VuFind and SubjectsPlus databases.

The software can be used by library professionals without having in-depth
knowledge of computer skill.

For installation in the hard disk, either right click in the Install
Release and tick mark in the "Execute in terminal Emulator" then click ok.
Now click ok in Install Release and the prompt password: type "healthnet"
or go to the terminal with the command ctrl_+alt+t and type "sudo sh -c
'ubiquity gtk_ui'we
and the prompt password : type "healthnet". Help file is included along
with the software.

For Downloading the the software go to the url :

Prof. Mohan Raj Pradhan, Ph. D.
HealthNet Nepal
web: https://www.mpradhan.com.np
email: pradhmohan at gmail.com/mpradhan at healthnet.org.np

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